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We are so excited to have two of our Master Stylists make the cut for La Biosthétique’s mentoring program for aspiring stylists. 

Melissa Niblock-Bell and Isabella Shepard have the opportunity to work alongside industry award-winning stylist Nathan Cherrington in a 3-day workshop in intensive styling, cutting and building on their photographic collections.

Couldn’t come at a better time when the Mayko Team is planning its Colour Lab photo shoot. 

Exciting times ahead.

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SIX SPOTS, SIX YOUNG TALENTS! Congrats to those who placed in this years FutureLab styling boot camp in Victoria: Abbey Baker, Vescape VIC, @hairbyaabeyb Georgie Shields ,Total Look SA, @totallookhairandbeauty Isabella Shepher, Mayko Hair VIC, @maykohair Jasmine Feltham, Markese Hair VIC, @markesehair Melissa Niblock-Bell , Mayko Hair VIC, @maykohair Shara Norton, Total Look SA, @totallookhairandbeauty @natesthekid

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