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Let’s Talk…..

Life is different for everyone as the moment, routines have changed, stress levels are up, and our hair is one of the last things we are going to be thinking about 💭

One thing I have been noticing at the moment with myself and feedback from clients is itchy scalp and poor scalp health.
Maybe we aren’t washing our hair as much?
Or another layer of dry shampoo, gets me through one more day? 🙋‍♀️ (Yes, I’m totally guilty of this)

Before I know it I’m dealing with how to sort out my itchy scalp! Here is what we use in the salon, many of our clients use Puroxine shampoo along side there traditional shampoo or toning shampoos.

What to do…..
Shampoo first with puroxine, then shampoo again. If your scalp is really irritated then do a second shampoo using puroxine consecutively. First shampoo starts the cleansing process and the second shampoo will give a thorough clean. Your scalp will thank you for it. Trust me!

Bit about Puroxine..
Fight the discomfort with the purifying Puroxine ritual, for the scalp with dandruff.
Dandruff reduction: 90%*
Itch reduction 93%**
Sebum reduction 87%**

I have put a link to the online store, product is in-salon ✨

Medavita – Puroxine Shampoo

Hit me up if you have any questions or comments on your own scalp issues 💜

Mel ✌🏻