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La Biosthétique – Beauté Conditionneur Express – 100ml


La Biosthétique – Beauté Conditionneur Express

Restructuring express care for dry, brittle hair

When you’re in a rush and there is no time for extensive hair care rituals, Beauté Conditionneur Express is the perfect choice. Beauté Conditionneur Express, the hair care for dry, brittle hair, provides care, protection and bounce and also improves the damaged structure. Highly efficient, highly effective. High-quality natural white oil supplies brilliant shine and increases the hair fibres’ own protection whilst multi-active panthenol improves the hair’s moisture binding. Perfectly maintains the hair’s natural bounce and silky softness. A conditioning polymer and guar bean extract improve the hair structure for a fully beneficial product experience. The express care Beauté Conditionneur Express does not make the hair oily or weigh it down, but instead gives it instant softness and easy combability.


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