La Biosthétique - Beauté Essence de Protéine - 200ml | Mayko Hair

La Biosthétique – Beauté Essence de Protéine – 200ml


La Biosthétique – Beauté Essence de Protéine

2-phase protein spray features an impressive dual effect: fortifying and shine. Intensively, effectively and instantly.
Powerful proteins for your hair. The protein spray rapidly and effectively gives hair in need of care softness, elasticity and silky shine. Essence de Protéine features a convincing 2-phase active system including an intensively fortifying phase and a shine-boosting phase. The key ingredients take effect as soon as you spray on the product by directly depositing themselves on the damaged hair structure. The double power intensively fortifies the hair and its combability is significantly improved. Essence de Protéine forms a secure and protective film that increases the hair’s resistance and effectively combats the dreaded hair breakage.


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