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Medavita LOTION CONCENTRÉE – Anti-Hair Loss Treating Shampoo


Anti-hair loss treating shampoo pH 5.5

Prevents weakening and subsequent falling out of the hair with the action of active plant extracts of Achillea, Farfara and China, which promote oxygenation and metabolic exchange. A rich pool of active ingredients of plant origin helps reinforce the anchorage system of hair into its follicle, permitting ideal bulb tropism during the vital growth stage. Formation of a natural micro-sheath improves the hair’s strength, resistance and comb-ability, leaving it soft, shiny and resistant to styling. With the pool of active principles Lotion Concentrée Naturalis Essentiae.

Anti-hair loss treatment*
(*coadjuvant in hair loss prevention).

Shampoo coadjuvant in hair loss prevention.

Especially recommended for atonic scalps and with slow capillary circulation, for the prevention of hair loss and treatment of existing hair loss.


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