Medavita - Puroxine Shampoo - 250ml | Mayko Hair

Medavita – Puroxine Shampoo – 250ml


Anti-dandruff shampoo pH 5.5

Contains Piroctone olamine with gentle keratolytic and bacteriostatic action which limits flaking and proliferation of bacteria reducing the quantity of microorganisms (Pytirosporum and Staphylococcus aureus) also responsible for itching. Leaves behind a pleasant sensation of freshness. The formula is enriched with extract of Myrrh with its outstanding antiseptic and sanitising action and with Salicylic acid with keratolytic properties. A particularly gentle washing formula acts as a beauty treatment for the hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Enriched with Lotion Concentrée Naturalis Essentiae active ingredients pool.

Anti-dandruff treatment.

Antidandruff and purifying gentle shampoo.

All types of dandruff.


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